BMW i3 and i8 Glass Replacement


Congratulations on taking the leap to tomorrow’s form of personal transit!  Battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles are quickly becoming the preferred method of transportation in the Bay Area.  Here are a couple of things to consider when you need glass repair work performed on your i-brand BMW:

  1. The body shell or life module on the i3 and i8 are made completely of carbon fiber.  While this construction component possesses strength and rigidity qualities similar to steel, it is very lightweight and can be extremely delicate to work on.  Conventional glass removal tools used on steel and aluminum vehicles must not be used on BMW i-brand carbon fiber vehicles for risk of damage to the mating surfaces.  Damage to these surfaces can create structural problems, may form leaks, and are very difficult if not impossible to repair.
  2. The bonded glass pieces of the i3 and i8 are stressed structural members integral to performance and safety.  The type of bonding adhesive used along with the size and shape of the bead profile is critical to maintaining high BMW standards.  Failures caused by adhesive or application shortcomings may have catastrophic consequences.
  3. BMW recommends the use of Authentic BMW replacement glass when needed because it is the only glass thoroughly tested to perform to BMW’s stringent crash and structural damage tests.
  4. Replacement of movable door glasses must only be carried out by BMW trained technicians.  Electric vehicles possess a very quiet cabin due to the virtually silent hum of the electric motor.  The surface where the movable glass meets the seal must be perfectly adjusted to prevent wind noises and squeaks.  BMW has created two new special tools to accomplish this precision adjustment.  One tool facilitates minute adjustments to the lateral position of the glass; this is the angular position where the glass meets the car.  The other tool measures the distance the glass moves up into the window channel upon closing the door.  BMW has had this auto close feature for many years but the adjustment has never been as important as it is on the i-brand vehicles. 


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