Cosmetic Repair

What is Cosmetic Repair?

Nearly every car is the unlucky recipient of some kind of body or paint damage: door dings, paint scratches, bumper dents, broken glass, and minor scrapes among other things. These unsightly marks make a vehicle in otherwise excellent condition look used and abused. The good news is they can usually be easily repaired quickly and easily, with the affected area being completely undetectable.




Paint-less Dent Repair or PDR, involves a highly skilled technician who gently yet completely massages out the dent. If the dent is minor, the panel can be pushed back into place from behind and smoothed out until it is completely unnoticeable. If the paint finish has been compromised, sometimes just a dab of touch up paint is sufficient.


Exterior Finishes

For more serious scrapes or dents, a conventional body repair must be performed.  The damaged area is straightened and scratches removed.  Modern sealer, primer and paint is then used completely erasing any signs of damage.



Damaged polyurethane bumpers are often the most visible part of your car. If they are dented or chipped, they can look unsightly – and actually invite further damage. The solution is easy.  Bumper paint can easily be blended, or if the damage is serious enough, the bumper cover can be replaced and repainted to match the factory finish.


Thieves and vandals cause a wide variety of damage to cars. Ripped convertible tops, broken window glass, key scratches, acid spills, and spray-painting are all problems that we can fix – often within a few days. Bring your vehicle in for an estimate. If the damage is severe, we can direct bill your insurance company.



Rips, burn holes and stains not only look unsightly, they can also get bigger through continued use of the affected area. German Motors can repair the damage, or replace the entire panel if necessary.