Detail Center

At German Motors Collision Center, we offer complete appearance reconditioning of luxury vehicles in addition to our Collision and Cosmetic Repair Services.  We specialize in all makes and models of passenger cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUV).  All vehicles are washed by hand and if needed a mild solvent can be applied to remove environmental grime and dirt.  The exterior finish is polished to remove any fine scratches.  Black or  dark colored vehicles are our specialty and can be made to look showroom quality again.  Clearguard Paint Sealant can be applied to the exterior finish to reduce the risk of damage from tree sap, bugs, tar and bird droppings.  We revitalize interiors by applying conditioner to the leather.     We can also apply Clearguard Interior Protectant Products to reduce the likely hood of staining  on leather and carpet areas.  A freshly detailed car can restore pride in your investment!