EV and Hybrid Vehicle Repair

RT SIDE CUTAWAY EDITEDEconomic and environmental factors are the top reasons for considering electric vehicles as a primary source of transportation.  EV’s generally cost less in total to own, operate and maintain than conventional fossil fueled vehicles.  Electric Vehicle motors tend to be more reliable and quieter, and emit no pollutants from a tailpipe.  Harmful emissions associated with charging and operating EV’s  are typically much lower than that of gasoline or diesel vehicles.   The preferred charging method of most EV’s is overnight when system demand for electricity is lower.

The BMW i3 achieves emission-free mobility without compromising BMW trademark performance and paves the way for electric mobility for future generations in a car inspired by environmental consciousness.  Do not trust your EV or Hybrid vehicle repairs to anyone untrained in handling their unique characteristics.

German Motors Collision Center is ready for future automobile technology.   Today, tomorrow and beyond!    We are the only collision center in San Francisco with access to highly specialized, specific repair procedures for the all-electric BMW i3.  To date, we have performed dozens of repairs on electric vehicles including Fiat 500e, Fisker Karma, Nissan Leaf, MINI-E, Tesla’s Roadster and Model S and BMW’s ActiveE, i3 and i8.

Battery Caution

Did you know that High-Voltage Battery Cells must not be exposed to high heat?  All electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle manufacturers have specific guidelines regarding the temperature and duration that their vehicles may be baked in an automotive paint booth.  German Motors Collision Center has prepared a comprehensive data guide that profiles all of the major electric vehicle manufacturers’ emergency shut-down procedure, high-voltage battery disconnect, and safety precautions (including heat exposure).  This is an integral tool for dealing with electric vehicles that have been in a collision.

Carbon Fiber

A car that’s lightweight means a more efficient and dynamic driving experience with greater range capabilities.  Keeping this in mind, BMW chose to use Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) as the foundation for BMW i — a material which is as strong as steel, but about half the weight.  The BMW i3 and BMW i8 vehicles mark the first mass produced cars to use structural CFRP.  This allows BMW to set new standards in both lightweight vehicle construction and safety.  Certain types of carbon fiber damage may be repaired, while other types require replacement.  Both processes require technicians to have many hours of specific carbon fiber training, and follow strict procedures using original BMW parts and consumable products.


We are the only collision repair center in San Francisco with BMW i-brand training and an EV Charging Station on-site.


2575 Marin Street Charging Station




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    About GMCC

    German Motors Collision Center is conveniently located in the South of Market (SOMA) neighborhood of San Francisco. With easy access to the central freeway and plenty of free indoor parking, German Motors Collision Center is by far the easiest destination in San Francisco for auto body repair. German Motors Collision Center boasts the largest repair facility in the Bay Area and all vehicles are securely stored indoors during the entire process. Our technicians are certified by both The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Repair (I-CAR) and BMW of North America.

    Be careful in choosing a collision repair center for your BMW or MINI. German Motors Collision Center is the only Factory Certified BMW/ MINI Collision Repair Center in San Francisco. This ensures that repairs are carried out according to specific required procedures. With the increasing use of exotic metals, high strength polyurethane plastics, carbon fiber or kevlar composites and bond-riveted support assemblies, proper repair techniques must be followed to guarantee the safety and drive-ability of your vehicle are completely restored. All BMW and MINI repairs performed by German Motors Collision Center carry a limited warranty backed by BMW of North America.

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