One Stop Shop- Service Needs


“One Stop Shop” Service Menu:

German Motors Collision Center can also handle all of your service needs.  Take advantage of the time your vehicle is in for bodywork to perform needed service items.  An assessment can be made based on vehicle age and mileage. Avoid costly repairs or inconvenient breakdowns and perform preventative maintenance today.  Contact one of our advisers for an inspection and estimate.

Engine Oil Service:  Oil changes are the most important service for your vehicle and are quite often delayed or missed. Pay a little now or a lot later.

Brake Replacement:  If you notice a spongy pedal, excessive pedal travel, squeaking or vibration, it may be time for brakes.

Brake Fluid Flush:  Brake fluid flush allows the removal of contaminants that can cause poor performance or the failure of key components over time.

Tire Replacement:  Tire inspection and care can be a confusing and daunting task.  Let our trained staff get you the right information.

Wheel Alignment:  This is also known as “drivability”.  Minor impacts can affect suspension settings.  We can restore your vehicle’s “drivability”.

Windshield Repair and Replacement:  Minor rock chips or “stars” on windshields can usually be repaired.  If this option isn’t sufficient, we can replace it.

Windshield Wiper Replacement:  Don’t be fooled by aftermarket windshield wipers that promise better performance at a cheaper price, use the factory choice.

Air Conditioning re-charge:  Air conditioning systems can gradually lose their charge.  If your system isn’t performing properly, it may need service.

“Check Engine” Lamp Reset and Fault Diagnosis:  Smog checks require that the “check engine” lamp not be lit.  Avoid hassles or excessive costs and have it checked out today.

Pre-purchase Safety Inspection:  Before spending a large sum on a used vehicle, have us perform a pre-purchase safety and collision inspection.